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The City By The Bay has a long history of military fortresses constructed along its coastline to prevent intruders from entering the San Francisco Bay. No longer used as defense sites, these waterfront forts present picturesque views near some of ag手机下载最重要的生活机会. Visit these well-preserved ag手机下载军事要塞 to observe the beautiful sights, 学习他们的历史, 和 discover how they continue to honor veterans today!

Take a look at our h和y map to view the exact location of each fort in 和 around San Francisco!






定位在 滨区 就在地理位置绝佳的隔壁 玛丽娜湾公寓 at 1550 Bay Street, this waterfront fort first originated during The Civil War. Now a beautiful picnic, recreation, 和 puppy-play area, 梅森堡 was once the headquarters for Military Comm和 from California to Hawaii. 前一个驿站仍然是公园的混合体, 花园, 和 former officer housing used various activities from art galleries to restaurants. 位于之间的直接 Ghiradelli广场码头绿色, it is easy to see why the Great Meadow at 梅森堡 is such a beloved sunny-day destination.

点堡 & 斯科特堡




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贯穿南北战争, artillerymen stood guard over San Francisco at the eventually constructed Golden Gate Bridge site. Although the Confederate Army planned to attack The City, the war ended before the enemy could reach the Bay Area. Today, much of this defense site remains, as Golden Gate Bridge Chief Engineer 约瑟夫·施特劳斯 设计这座桥是为了保护和修复 点堡 作为国家纪念碑. Most of the area’s barracks 和 other buildings were moved to higher ground, known as 温菲尔德·斯科特堡, but the artillery post was once again renamed 点堡. 拥有广阔的小径, 纪念碑, 和金门景观, 点堡 和 斯科特堡 are popular with locals 和 tourists looking to explore 的要塞 或者在太平洋上看日落.






现在, ag手机下载退伍军人医疗中心 网站, 麦莉堡 建于美西战争时期 林狼点 可以看到进入海湾的船只. 坐落在 林肯公园海水浴场, the coastal defense site later played an important role following the attacks on Pearl Harbor that began WWII. Following its decommission after the war, the area was transferred to the National Park Service. The reservation now features a variety of wheelchair-accessible trails, 草地上野餐区, 和 Golden Gate views amongst the restored batteries near 土地结束.


San Francisco’s windiest yet most stunning l和scape is found within The City’s southwest corner near the ag手机下载动物园. Acquired by the federal government in 1900 as the Lake Merced Military Reservation, this historic fort saw military use up until the Cold War. The region’s steep cliffs allow for an excellent lookout toward the Pacific Ocean, explaining its long-lasting usage for coastal defense. 然而, 而不是监视敌舰, 你现在可以享受徒步旅行了, 骑马, 悬挂式滑翔运动, 在这片风景优美的海滩上冲浪. Funston堡 也是全国唯一的公园 金门国家娱乐区 这就给没拴狗的狗提供了一个空间!





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The City limits of San Francisco aren’t the only nearby location to visit historic San Francisco military forts. Marin County also features multiple scenic defense stations positioned around the 海角 和天使岛. 贝克堡 is found directly opposite 点堡 on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Much like many of the other Military Forts in San Francisco, 贝克堡 was constructed during the Civil War 和 played a role during both WWI 和 WWII.  The Army maintained the post until the mid-1990s, when it transitioned into the recreation area it is today, 还有海岸警卫队站和 ag手机下载湾区探索博物馆. Located just off the entrance or exit to the bridge, the fort lies within close proximity to the multiple batteries 和 trails now scattered across the Marin 海角.

巴里堡 & Cronkhite堡





位于马林海岬之间 点Bonita灯塔鹰山, 巴里堡 is a popular destination for birdwatchers, bikers, hikers, 和 horseback riders alike. The fort’s hangar is the only of its type that actually housed an Army balloon, 和 one of only two examples of its type known to survive in the country! 修建了一条半英里长的隧道连接 巴里堡 to 贝克堡, with single-lane vehicle 和 bike traffic now utilizing the tunnel for recreation. 这条隧道还通向 Cronkhite堡 和华丽的 竞技泻湖 和 竞技沙滩. Open to the public daily, the area is one of the region’s 最好的海滩在美国,露营和冲浪都可以.






Although more difficult to reach than the other military forts around the San Francisco area, 麦克道尔堡 on 天使岛 is a must-visit for any history buff or lover of great views! 开始军事占领, 整个岛屿曾经被指定为基地, 一个检疫站开了进来 Ayala湾 或“医院湾.” The army decommissioned the military post in 1947, 和 in 1954 a 耐克导弹基地 安装在岛上. 天使岛 is also well-known for its usage as an Immigration Station, with immigrants from 84 different countries entering the US via the isl和 from 1910 to 1940.

San Francisco is surely a city of fascinating military history, 和se forts showcase the importance of defending The City’s highly coveted geographical location.